Rebecca, Vancouver, Canada


Ksenia has been my yoga instructor since I moved to Vancouver a few months ago. Her classes are welcoming and varied, I always feel great afterward. I highly recommend Ksenia as a yoga instructor, especially for anyone that is recovering from any kind of surgery or illness as she is thorough with making sure the classes are safe and tailored to everyone. 

Galina, Vancouver, Canada


I have been working with Ksenia for just 6 months and it is been great. I am so glad that I chose my yoga teacher Ksenia. Ksenia has a perfect balance of what I look for in a yoga teacher. She is amazing teacher and I absolutely adore her teaching style. Ksenia is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing. The depth of she knowledge of the history, culture and spirituality of yoga is profound. I definitely see and feel the change myself and I believe I can do things I never thought I will do. Ksenia is very polite, patient and pleasant. And I really love her calming voice

Eri, Vancouver, Canada


My experience with Ksenia's yoga therapy has been excellent! She suggested we meet in person first so we could get to know each other and to ask a set of prepared questions about my health. We met at a casual cafe which allowed a personal connection. Her yoga classes normally had a small number of people which created an intimate environment. She thoroughly works on each part of the body and brought different positions every class that I attended. I would recommend Ksenia's yoga sessions for anyone who is new to yoga, who wants to work on their body gently, and is open to trying new techniques.

Matt, Victoria, Canada


I had explored yoga before through videos and through a few group classes that I have taken, but had never taken a class with a professional yoga teacher. The session with Ksenia was tailored to my needs. Her approach was gentle, flowing and informative. She provided me with skillful modification to yoga postures that are really working for me. I appreciated her thoughtful follow-up suggestions and particularly the videos which she linked for me to help me continue with the practice. I plan to see her for more classes when I have the ocassion to come to Vancouver.

Sharon, Vancouver, Canada 


I always enjoy my yoga class with Ksenia who combines east and west studies.

I love the physical therapy aspect of it with the combination of the essence stick and the sounds. 

Julia, Moscow, Russia 


Ksenia was my first yoga teacher. When I started I had no idea if I really need this practise, why and what for. Very soon due to Ksenia's helpful, patient and attentive teaching yoga became part of my life. I always had problems with my back and told it to Ksenia. She took it into account while our training. From then on my backache hurt me more. Unfortunately, several months ago Ksenia left for Canada, but I continue my practise at home and always get from her good advice about yoga if needs. 

Paola, Bogota, Colombia


While I was in Vancouver I realize i needed to take yoga classes as i was going through an stressful part of my life where i was having insomnia, and anxiety waiting for something good to happen. One day I found out about her yoga classes and also realized that it was close to where i was living in that moment so i decided to try one class as i have never been involved in yoga a lot, nut i was convinced that i wanted to try it and that could help me release my mind and feel more fullfilled and relaxed, so i went to one class with her, thinking that i was afraid i could not reach the level of the other people there as i was a beginer but atill willing to try my best. As the class went through I was feeling released from my thoughts of anxiety and thinking only in enjoying the moment, at the end of the class she told us to relax and put a little blanket above us and while listening to the music i was feeling so good i wanted to last longer, afterwards we did a final breathing excercize and i felt really good as this was smooth and better than i could have imagined, as she never forced us to try to do hardposes but always telling us to do the best we can where we can feel comfortable with , so i felt no painat all afterwards. And Lastly I was sure i wanted to go at least 4 classes more as my time in vancouver was coming to an end, otherwise i could have keep going with this and also she gave us a sheet of poses to help us sleep better and I did it ans that worked out pretty good so i stopped taking melatonin as i was doing. Nowadays that I am in Colombia i try to do them but i think nothing better than go to yoga classes and have a specific time to do it and bothing better than have an instructor auxh as good as her to lead you through it than doing it by yourself, at least that is my experience. I just want to thank her for those amazing classes that help me feel better with myself and showing me that i am able to be in a yoga class without worrying o not being experienced enough and also having a good time learning ans getting inmerse into this. 

Kristina, Vancouver, Canada


I've been having private weekly classes with Ksenia for about 4 months now. I love her personalized approach and emphasis on injury prevention. I have had broken pelvis and a number of other past injuries that prevent me from doing "regular" yoga postures, so I was extremely happy with custom program that Ksenia has designed for me. I feel that these asanas are gentle, yet effective for strengthening my body and for pain relief.  And, of course, Ksenia is a joy to work with. I am inspired by her positive attitude, compassion and dedication.


Ajay, New York, USA


I am a certified Yoga teacher and practitioner myself. While Yoga is losing its core essence in several places due to commercialization, Ksenia is a breath of fresh air. She is totally dedicated to bringing ancient Yogic traditions to her classes and therapy. Not only have I found her to be a master practitioner of yoga, she takes time to learn the 'Mantras' wherein lies the essence of each practice. With several years of Abhyasa or self-practice and in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and therapeutic procedures, rest assured your time with Ksenia will be fulfilling. I just want to thank her for the passion and dedication she brings to her craft, it has left me inspired. Thank you for your service Ksenia.

Nafset, Moscow, Russia


I first met Ksenia in 2015 and was impressed by her high professionalism and her human qualities.

Her lessons were very interesting, and the main distinctive feature is the individual approach to everyone even within the framework of group lessons. She worked at every asana very thoroughly; moreover, selection of asanas were deliberated carefully, thus,  they had good therapeutic effect. In my case (I am musician) I’ve had problems with my back and shoulders, and Ksenia helped me to make away with my muscular tensions and spasms. There was always very favourable, well-wishing and positive atmosphere in Ksenia’s lessons, and Ksenia was always very friendly and supportive to everyone, so that her lessons entailed positive psychological effect and helped to get rid off stresses and nervous tension.

I am very glad to get to know Ksenia and very thankful to her as she  is extremely kind, positive, open person and high-qualified, well-educated and high-motivated instructor with high professional skills and knowledge.

Her lessons and she herself are inspiring and induce to self-development and self-improvement

Anton, Vancouver, Canada


Ksenia is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. I was always impressed by her professional approach and inspiring attitude. She is 100% dedicated and does her best so you could achieve your therapeutic goals. And my back always feel great after her classes :)


Anna, Moscow, Russia


Ksenia is my first yoga teacher. She helped me to get acquainted with yoga and inspired to continue my practice. She is a very competent and attentive instructor. You can find an individual approach to every student at her classes, and the place always has warm and comfortable vibes. In addition, Ksenia is a positive and sincere person, always ready to help. And I guess it is very important for any specialist that she constantly desires to learn new things,  to grow, to improve herself and to transfer priceless knowledge to her students.

Roman, Ekaterinburg, Russia


My name is Roman and I am 30 years old. I had back problems and I started to practice yoga. I want to say that Ksenia perfectly teaches, shows and explains yoga. I wish her prosperity in this great cause!

Darya, Moscow, Russia

Yoga teacher isn’t just someone who tells you what to do and how. It’s a person who gets to know every single student and teaches them how to enjoy the moment even if something isn’t going the way they want to. Ksenia is like this! She’s very thoughtful and caring, and has a gift in encouraging people to be better.

Kishore, Indaur, India


I think that Ksenia is a person who has never had any type of ego. She is the best ego-less teacher who share her knowledge willingly. Her yoga self-practice is very good, so she can demonstrate and explain all yoga techniques successfully. She has a special type of energy and she will always inspire her students for healthy life. She feels yoga that's why I can say that she is a wonderful a yoga teacher.

Alina, Moscow, Russia


I've been on several classes lead by Ksenia. It was interesting and useful practice. Ksenia manages to find individual approach to her students and provides valuable advices. I certainly recommend Ksenia as yoga teacher.